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National Reference Laboratory
Crystal Diagonistic Laboratory
Matri Shishu Hospital
Life Care Diagonistic
khangri Hospital
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Chirayu polyclinic
Chinari Hospital

Our products

Luniva 360

Luniva 360

Luniva 360 HMS is a complete Integrated Solution for clinics, polyclinic, and hospitals.

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luniva care

Luniva carelab

One-Stop solution for standalone pathology and labs within hospitals and clinics.

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Luniva Telemed

Superior solution to eliminate the distance barrier between the health care providers and consumers

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We also specialize on

Database Management system

Luniva maintains a health data repository that helps Medical representatives, patients access their medical records anywhere anytime in case of need.

Health Data Repository

Lab Machine Interfacing system

With the help of Machine interfacing, labs can handle a large volume of samples easily, increasing the efficiency of sample processing and the quality of lab reports

Lab Machine Interfacing

Radiology Integration and PACS

Offer a much more efficient method for distributing, retrieving, and managing medical images.

Radiology Integration and PACS

Luniva 360 HMS

A complete Health Management System systematically designed to obtain the best solution.

OPD/IPD Management

Medical Billing

Laboratory Management

Online reports

Data visualization & Analytics

OT Management

Application View

Nursing Management

Radiology Management

Pharmacy Management

Account Management

Online Appointment

Inventory Management

Easy to Understand & Use.

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

We even provide videos as well as documentation.

Benefits of using Luniva


Improve Customer Experience

Offer seamless patient experience from appointment booking, consultation, home sample collections to receiving medical reports through the luniva app, SMS, and email.


Customizable HMS system

Luniva 360 includes all features that a hospital need to automate its day-to-day activities. Also, we can customize as per need to the hospital.


Automate to scale the business

Automate to scale the business through medical instruments interfacing helps to improve TAT, reduce human errors and revenue leakages in your organization. ROI of an institution can be scaled up by automating redundant processes


Data analysis and Visualization

Helps a medical person to reduce misdiagnosis and late diagnosis based on data-driven facts. Graphical and tabular view of medical history helps both doctors and patients to track health status



Customer Testimonails

We can track our day-to-day business easily as our process has become faster and more efficient thanks to this software.

Kishor Khanal, Managing Director National Reference Laboratory
Customer Testimonails

Connect to Grow, a UK DFID-funded program has worked with LunivaTech since the start of 2017. During this time, we have witnessed an excellent, young, social enterprise, working to address some of the big challenges faced in healthcare in Nepal. Connect has helped LunivaTech form an exciting partnership with LiveHealth in India, which could further modernize the way in which health data is managed and used in Nepal. We wish LunivaTech every success in their venture.

Baiju Vaidya, Deputy Team Leader Connect to Grow Project
Customer Testimonails

Best LIMS software with all features integrated with a single unit. Manual error rate and Turn around time of patient were significantly reduced after using this application.
With Kind Regards,

Amar Nagila, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Pokhara University
Customer Testimonails

I have been working with Lunivatech for over 6 months for the design and start-up of their LunivaCare project, which aims to digitalize health information and make it accessible to health professionals as well as patients, via software, mobile apps, and online/offline system.

From the onset, I have been impressed by Lunivatech innovative and proactive approach and have great hope that Lunivatech will be able to make a lasting difference to the health sector and health of the Nepalese people!”

Elodie Brandamir, Health Partners International Connect to Grow Project
Customer Testimonails

Easy creating patient reports and delivery. Minimizing human errors and saves out time.

S.P Balbab Prasad Poudel, Senior lab Technologist Nepal Police Hospital

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